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Drogie i Drodzy (chociaż bardziej Drogie),

Jak trwoga to do LJa. Tak więc tego.

Szukam w trybie pilnym pełnoletnich osobników płci żeńskiej, które to osobniki czytują fan fiction i zechciałyby wesprzeć moje starania w zakończeniu edukacji. Piszę magisterkę o fan fiction i Women's Studies, co wymaga ode mnie przeprowadzenia badań na żywych ludziach. TUTAJ informacje. Dajcie znać, jeśli mogłybyście poświęcić mi odrobinę swojego cennego czasu, wyślę Wam pytania.

Wspomniałam już, że jestem w desperacji?
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volunteers needed

I'm very bad at being online lately, job and uni are keeping me busy. Hence this.

I'm looking for women (over 18 yo) who read fanfiction and who would be willing to answer (via email or other way) a few questions. It's for my sociology project and I would really appreciate if any of you could help out with this. It's mostly stuff like why do you read ff and what are your reading habits, nothing difficult or demanding.

If you're interested or know someone who might be, leave me your contact info in the comment or via PM, whichever you prefer.
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Personal request

My dissertation survey got approved by the Ethics Committee (therefore it will not hurt you to complete it :P), so I would want to ask you to give me about 15 minutes of your precious time and fill it in. If you ever had anything to do with Supernatural, your answers would be incredibly helpful. If you know anyone else who could be interested in the survey, don't hesitate to give them the link.

Thanks in advance, you're wonderful for helping me with it :)

And here's the link: Perception of Religious Themes in Supernatural.
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squee challenge: otp

Easy question, obvious choice. Let me just move on to the pictures (all found via tumblr or google, unless stated otherwise). I'm not good enough with words to justify and explain to you the perfection that is Brad Colbert/Nate Fick.

[sometimes he feels like he's observing the world instead of participating in it]

lunatics-word - forget
(art by lunatics_word for this fanfiction by idrilka)

oxoniensis - gk-bumblebee1280x800
(wallpaper by oxoniensis)

Bez tytułu

lunatics-word - head
(header by lunatics_word)

spooky-window - 001h4bbw
(header by spooky_window)

(regency batch by noelia_g)

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Create Something New: create a playlist of 5-10 songs for a character

I've been really bored lately, looks like this whole challenge might take me shorter than expected. Whatever, I like doing fandom stuff <3

So, the playlist. I decided to go for Derek Hale of Teen Wolf, because why not. The idea was to get into both of his sides, the wolfy one and the human(ish) one (which in my head is totally capable of being delicate, FYI). Hence the moon cycles and stuff. I'm actually really happy about how it turned out. The cover graphic is of course a googled photo with added text, as I am hopeless when it comes to making my own graphics. Enjoy (and be sure to let me know what you think about it)!

[Black Moon]

zip file | 50MB | 10 tracks | YouTube playlist | 8tracks mix


A Fine Frenzy - The Beacon
Burning beacon in the night
Can't feel its heat, or see its light
That single solitary guide
It must get lonely there sometimes

I am Kloot - Avenue of Hope
And your days stretch out beneath the sun
And you don't live, you don't die
You don't love so you don't cry
And we wait, to see just what we will become

Antony and the Johnsons - Cripple and the Starfish
It's true I always wanted love to be hurtful
And it's true I always wanted love to be filled with pain and bruises
So come on hurt me
I'll grow back like a starfish

Bastille - Falling (ft. Ralph Pelleymounter)
The night is all you have
You ran into the night from all you had
Found your self a path upon the ground
You ran into the night, you can't be found

Maria Mena - Internal Dialogue
You did the right thing, covered your scars[...]
For all that they knew you were safe home
But you went through hell
Whenever you were left alone

The Hoosiers - Worst Case Scenario
You'd be happier at this stage if you'd stayed in bed
I pray one day I'll live to see you break a smile
Wallow in your miserable mess as you tend to
You've mastered looking unimpressed do I offend you

Imagine Dragons - Demons
Look into my eyes
It's where my demons hide
Don't get too close
It's dark inside

30 Seconds to Mars - Attack
Run away, Run away
I'll attack
It's starting to sink in
I'm losing control now

Florence and the Machine - Howl
My fingers claw your skin, try to tear my way in
You are the moon that breaks the night for which I have to howl
Now there's no holding back, I'm making to attack
My blood is singing with your voice, I want to pour it out

Biffy Clyro - Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies
Nothing to eat but fears in the back seat
Well I met God he had nothing to say to me
Everywhere I look someone dies
Wonder when it's my turn

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Deep(ish) Thoughts: Fandom trope or kink you love and why

Ok, so obviously I couldn't decide on just one. Initially I got a list of about 30 different tropes (chosen from here), but I narrowed it down to a Top 3. As I am not really great at explaining things, especially when feelings are involved, I'm going to give you short summaries and some fic examples.

[In order:]3) Voice fetishization (cracking or broken; husky, low, throaty; purring; accents; whispering close to someone's ear)

I was going to go with "sex against the wall", but let's pretend I'm a grown-up with deep thoughts about human psyche and such. Or at least somewhere in between these two. Obviously, the voice thing is a lot better on screen (as much as I love facial expressions, without a proper tone there would be no characters for me), but it still works in writing as well. But as always, it's up to the writer to be able to take the things you would normally absorb with your other senses; and convey them through the medium of writing.
No list of fics, any decent sex scene includes that kind of stuff :)

2) Bonds (telepathic or empathic; psychic links; mating or soul bonds)

I am a complete sucker for this. The first fic with that theme I read was Cloak of Courage, a Snape/Granger story where (among other things) old magic could bond two people so they would sense eachother's moods and feelings. Ever since then I keep wishing that in some situations within this or that fandom something similar could happen, to allow the characters deeper connection and ability to save one another. Sometimes it goes a bit wrong, like when there's no ground for any supernatural stuff and suddenly you get people "feeling" each other. It's a trope that should be used carefully and consciously, otherwise it becomes a parody.
To make it a bit wider (or less "psychic"), any sort of intimacy theme is most welcome. Characters being able to read each other (from their gestures, tone of voice, look in their eyes, etc.) is a massive thing for me. HUGE. Hence my love for Generation Kill, I guess :)
Cloak of Courage by Wendynat (Harry Potter, Snape/Granger): english | polish
Your Face is Like a Melody by toyfeels (Teen Wolf, Sterek): english
Après moi le deluge by Lake (Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, slightly weird use of the trope, but here we are): english

1) AUs

Alternate universes are amazing. They demonstrate creativity of the author, but at the same time their deep understanding of characters. There's so much that can go wrong with an AU - it often invites you to experiment with stuff, with times and language and behaviour. Being able to strike that balance between original and out of character - that's what makes a story great. When I read a good AU, it's the most amazing feeling. Like, it's new and fresh and unexpected, but at the same time you just KNOW the characters. It's not that they are predictable, because they're not. But you feel this connection with them, they are familiar, but in a new and exciting way.
Ten Cups of Coffee by passe_simple (The Social Network RPS, Jewnicorn, Starbucks AU): english
The Second of Our Reign by noelia_g and cala_jane (Generation Kill, Brad/Nate, Apocalypse AU): english
Precle z makiem by pellamerethiel (Merlin BBC, Merthur, modern AU): polish

Basically what I'm trying to say is that tropes and kinks are just themes. The most important thing is the writer. You can fuck up the greatest idea without proper skills and the other way round - you can save the blandest story with some wit and creativity.

P.S. Quite easy to spot, I mostly read fics to the four above-mentioned fandoms (but boy, do these fandoms produce a lot of quality stuff) :)
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villain meme

Top 5 15 Favorites: Best Baddies, with images, gifs, or video evidence
(random order)

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Phew, that was long (and still not a complete list!).